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The following aftercare instructions are intended only for the safe healing of a traditional tattoo
and does not reflect our recommendations regarding the healing of any Permanent Make-up.
You will receive specific written aftercare instructions at the time of your procedure.
  1. In 1 hour wash your hands and remove the bandage.
  2. Using a liquid anti-bacterial soap gently wash the tattoo and surrounding area with your bare hand.
  3. Never use a cloth or sponge. This may interrupt the healing process and effect the outcome of the tattoo.
  4. Pat the tattoo dry gently. Never rub it dry.
  5. Apply a THIN layer of Inkfixx ointment. If you have allergies to any of the Inkfixx ingredients, A&D ointment is recommended.
  6. Repeat at least twice daily. You should never let your tattoo become too dry. Apply ointment as
  7. necessary to keep the skin moistened and flexible. Be aware that too much ointment can "suffocate" a
    new tattoo resulting in longer heal times and dull colors.
Do's & Don'ts during healing and beyond:

  1. Keep your tattoo out of the sun/tanning beds until it is completely healed. Even after healing always
  2. apply sunscreen when exposed to the sun. UV light slowly removes tattoos, so protect your investment.
  3. Stay out of the water. Take showers not baths. Avoid any situation where your tattoo will be
  4. submerged in water until it is completely healed.
  5. Don't scratch or pick your tattoo. Let it heal on its own. Picking will only slow down the process and
  6. will make touch-ups necessary.
  7. How good your tattoo will look depends largely on how diligent you can be regarding its care. Don't
  8. neglect it and you will enjoy rich colors for years to come.